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Why Customer Engagement Initiatives Fail

IT Business Edge is featuring a slideshow by Transera about how to turn customer engagement into real business value. The global customer experience management (CEM) market is rapidly growing and companies are beginning to make significant investments in technology to improve their customer engagement. But regardless of their access to large quantities of data, many contact centers still have a hard time understanding the real business value of customers. For many, this is leading to mediocre results. If managing customer interactions is so critical to a company’s success, why do so many still fail at it?  We believe there are five reasons why customer engagement programs are unsuccessful, and have offered recommendations on how companies can turn engagement into real business value.

  • Lack of a holistic view of the customer: Customers engage with companies through various channels with different systems and technologies, making it difficult to truly understand the customer journey.
  • Not taking full advantage of Big Data analytics: Companies fail to recognize the real power of leveraging customer information.
  • Lacking the customer perspective: Today, business software captures data rather than capturing the true complexity of customers.
  • Not investing in agents: Organizations spend about $112 billion on call center labor, and yet half of the 270 billion customer service calls go unresolved.
  • Not organizing your company around the customer: Only 56 percent of those surveyed believe that their companies clearly understand their customers.

Read more here and see what you can do to get real business value out of your customer engagement. 


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