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The Secret Recipe for Contact Center Optimization

describe the imageThis post was authored by Omer Minkara, Research Analyst, Contact Center, Customer Experience & Service Management

Optimizing contact center efforts is no easy endeavor. Businesses need to constantly determine what works and what doesn’t work to fine-tune their customer care efforts in order to accomplish their goals. Between March and June of 2013 Aberdeen Group surveyed 261 businesses regarding their contact center efforts, and our findings illustrate their inability to integrate disparate technology systems (e.g., CRM, IVR and ACD) is the top challenge impacting these organizations’ contact center programs.

While technology system integration can be a daunting challenge, findings from Aberdeen’s July 2013 Contact Center Optimization: Use Data to Deliver Superior Customer Care study reveals that it is a conquerable one. Best-in-Class businesses within the Aberdeen study utilize a set of differentiating factors that helps them mitigate this challenge and improve their performance in key measures such as first contact resolution, customer satisfaction rates, and agent productivity. In fact, these top performers were able to retain 84% of their client base through these key activities while increasing agent productivity by 11.7% year-over-year.

So what is the secret sauce that helps these Best-in-Class firms kick their contact center optimization efforts into high-gear? It’s made up of several strategic business processes and technologies that when combined help them overcome the challenges around lack of integration and establish a unified view of the entire multi-channel customer interaction history. The key ingredients of the secret recipe include:

  • Deploy database management tools to manage the lifecycle of data captured through numerous technology systems. These tools help companies scrub, cleanse, and merge this data into a unified record that provides a holistic view of customer experience results.
  • Establish a unified view of the customer interaction history and provide your agents with the ability to seamlessly access this information through the agent desktop during each interaction.
  • Leverage the benefits of a “richer” customer profile to route customers to the most relevant agent via the appropriate priority level to address their precise needs.
  • Adopt a next-generation contact center program where social media is woven within the very fabric of customer service experience programs. Proactively monitor customer-generated social customer conversations across myriad networks and address them in a timely manner to accomplish this objective.

In addition to the activities noted above, Best-in-Class use a series of supporting activities to outperform their peers across the five key performance measures noted above. Combined with the ones above, they are ultimately able to reduce the impact of disparate technology systems and streamline their data management activities to facilitate delivering timely and personalized customer interactions.

To access the full Aberdeen Group report on Contact Center Optimization and benchmark your activities against the Best-in-Class, read the report here.


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